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Start Your Own Drug and Alcohol Testing Business

Part-time or Full-time

Diversify Your Business

Add High Margin Drug Testing Services

 OccuHealth Has been Providing Start-Up Programs Since 1993

 Ask The Questions, Get Straight Answers, Select The Program That Is Right For You...

 Train Your Employees To Provide Profitable Drug Testing Services

Expand or Start Your Business

 OccuHealth Will Prepare You To...

 Fast Start-Up Programs To Fit Your Budget!!   

No Experience or Educational Pre-Requisites Necessary

No Office or Inventory Needed

 No Franchise, Royalty or Hidden Fees

Build Additional Income From Repeat Customer Sales

Security of Having Several Sources of Income

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Take These 3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Step 1:  Contact OccuHealth for Complete Details...NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

Select The Business Start-Up Program That Is Right For YOU.

Step 2:  Receive Certification Training....Quality Training Makes a Difference

     *  You will receive everything you need to get started....

     *  A complete DOT Approved Testing Instrumentation Package

      *  Required Training and Certification Classes For DOT Mandated Testing

      *  Marketing Strategies for Your Business

      *  Unsurpassed Continuing Service and Support

Step 3:  Train The People You Need and Start Your Testing Business. 

Marketing Strategies and Support Included

It is very important that you have a marketing strategy for your services.   We will share with you a number of marketing strategies that have been successful for our customers.  Take advantage of our 20 years of experience in this industry.  Classes include the following:

*  A number of proven marketing strategies

*  Reasons a prospective customer should use your services

*  Why this business is best suited for the individual entrepreneur

*  Advantages You can offer that are unique to your company

*  An extensive list of prospective customers

*  A list of services that you can offer and suggested price ranges that you might       charge for these services

*  How you can grow your business to include business partners or your family    members

         Build Your Success on Our Experience...

                                      OccuHealth Solutions, Inc.


   Profitable, Fast                                          Small Amount of $ Needed               Full or Part-Time 

   No Inventory to Purchase                      Home or Office Based Business         No Franchise Fees

   Ownership of Your Accounts                   Control Your Business Growth           No Royalty Fees

   Quality Training Matters!                       Your Own Business$$           Professional Business

                                                                                   FAST ! ! !

                                                         No Experience Needed   

  A Repeat Business                             Expand Your Existing Business       Turn Key Operation

 No Hidden Costs                                     Toll Free Continuing Support               High Profit Margins 

 A Growing Industry                                 Unique Business Opportunity               Also Women Owned

 Provide an Important Service                   Diversify Your Business               Great for ALL Ages

What Professional Services Will You Provide?

Provide Alcohol Testing, Drug Testing Collections, and Training Services For The Following:

 High School Student Drug & Breath Alcohol Testing

             Airline Pilots and Flight Crew Members

Employers                                      Courts and Parents

Professional Athletes                    Oil Companies & Drillers

High School Prom Testing            Truck Drivers & Airlines

Railroad & Mass Transit                 Pipeline Workers

School & Church Bus Drivers       Employment Agencies

Government Agencies                  Worker's Compensation

Conducting Training for Employers     Retail, Manufacturing, & Others  

Conduct Testing for Pre-employment, Random, Reasonable Suspicion, Post Accident, Return To Duty, Follow-Up, Court Ordered, Students, Probation, and much more.   Include Testing That is Mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).


TESTING SAVES LIVES AND EMPLOYERS MONEY                                                      

 Testing reduces drug and alcohol abuse on the job

 Required DOT Drug Testing and Breath Alcohol Testing

 Testing provides a safer workplace & Reduces Accidents

 Testing reduces absenteeism 

 Testing improves productivity

 Testing saves employers on many types of insurance costs

OccuHealth Solutions, Inc.



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