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BAT Training .....so you can breathe easier.

Where You Train Makes a Difference! ! !

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DOT Training and Certification Services Since 1993

Comprehensive Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) Course

We developed the first independent BAT testing curriculum to be approved for

DOT mandated testing.   This 12-hour course integrates instrument specific training with the DOT

required training on procedures necessary for the Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT)

to comply with federal regulations. This comprehensive course provides the BAT

with the mechanics of using an instrument, the methodology for how a breath alcohol tester

can measure alcohol in the human body, the proper testing environment, complete federal

regulations, and the correct procedures for running a test.  Specifically, the course includes:

BAT, BAT Instructor, Drug Collector, and Other Training Certification Classes:

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Call For Training Dates 972-985-9738.

Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) Instructor Training Course

We developed the first independent BAT testing curriculum to be approved for DOT mandated breath alcohol testing.

This 16-hour course includes all components of the 12-hour Comprehensive Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) course plus an instructor training module. People attending this course will be trained as both a BAT and a BAT Instructor. The Instructor will receive a CD with a color PowerPoint presentation, and additional information to assist the Instructor when conducting BAT Training.  Specifically, this course is designed for organizations that intend to provide in-house training to several BATs. The BAT Instructor can train, and CMI will certify as many BATs as their organization requires.  The BAT Instructor Training course covers the following topics:

Conduct Your Own Drug Collector Training Classes!!!

OccuHealth Offers On-Line Real-Time (Skype) or Classroom Certification Classes

OccuHealth Offers Training For DOT Drug Collector


DOT Urine Drug Collector Instructors

For those organizations that want to have the cost-savings and flexibility of offering and conducting their own DOT Drug Collector Training and Certification classes.  You will receive the training, Certification, training materials to conduct your own in-house DOT Drug Collector Training and Certification Classes.  This can save you a great deal of money on training. 

The training manuals have been successfully used for several years by OccuHealth in conducting drug collector training.  Both training manuals are up-to-date with the most current DOT testing procedures and regulations.  The training manuals are easy to follow and the information is in a logical progression to enhance the learning experience. 

The Instructor Manual and Training Kit has many aids and prompts, including a CD with a color PowerPoint presentation to assist the Instructor in conducting a through and professional training class.  The Instructor Manual and Training Kit also includes six high quality certificates and a printing template that will enable the Instructor to generate your own certificates.  You will have the training materials to train as many Drug Collectors as you need when you want them.....

No additional charges or fees when you train your collectors.

To register for a class and receive or your own training manuals for DOT drug training call:


Expert Witness Testimony

Hand-in-hand with CMI’s training program is our expert witness testimony policy. When necessary, CMI will provide expert witness testimony for our customers who have attended the Comprehensive Breath Alcohol Technician Training Course or the Breath Alcohol Technician Instructor Course. CMI resources include CMI personnel (engineering and service) as well as our network of contacts within the breath alcohol testing industry.

Other Training and Certifications Offered by OccuHealth:

Breath Alcohol Technician Refresher Training Course

Breath Alcohol Technician Instrument Specific Training Course

DOT Urine Drug Collector Training Course

DOT Urine Drug Collector Instructor Training Course

Supervisor Training Course

Additional Training Courses are also available

Call.....972-985-9738 For Training Dates and Information.

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