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Breath Alcohol Testing Instruments

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OccuHealth offers a wide range of Breath Alcohol Testing Instruments to meet the needs of virtually all types of testing.  Most of the instruments are Department of Transportation (DOT) Approved for both screening and confirmatory testing.  Below are some of the instruments available, and keep in mind that OHS also provides the DOT Approved Training and Certification.

**Contact OccuHealth to schedule a demo of an instrument via Skype.**

ALL NEW!!    Intoxilyzer 240/240D

If You Designed Your Own Instrument, It Would Be The Intoxilyzer 240D....

 Everything You Ever Wanted In A Breath Alcohol Testing Instrument!!


DOT Approved for Screening and Confirmatory Testing

Wireless "Blue Tooth" Technology

Programmable To Fit Your Needs!

Fast and Accurate Utilizing Proven Technology

New Rugged Carrying Case Holds Testing Supplies

Folding Wireless Keyboard For Quick, Easy Data Entry

Equipped With Manual Sampling For "Shy Lung" Testing

Fully Automatic Qperation With Data Export Capabilities


**Contact OccuHealth to schedule a demo of  the I-240D via Skype.**

Intoxilyzer 400/400 PA


  DOT Approved for Screening and Confirmatory testing    

  Advanced, portable, handheld tester

  Complete with printer, cable, and rechargeable battery

  Equipped with manual sampling for "shy lung" testing

  Rugged, hard carrying case

  Stores 200 tests

  Fully automatic operation with data export capabilities



                                                 Zero Tolerance = AlcoBlow                                        

    Used by 100's of School Systems

    Fast, Easy testing sequence

    Used by School Systems for screening at proms and other events

    (Great for Alcohol Testing at High School Proms!!!)

    Great for rapid screening for alcohol of large groups

    Fits any testing situation with 2 modes - Active and Passive

    No mouthpieces needed

    No warm-up time, always ready to use

                       Great for anyone quickly screening large groups for alcohol

For any questions, or to order your own AlcoBlows...Call 972-985-9738.

**Contact OccuHealth to schedule a demo of an instrument via Skype.**

Intoxilyzer 5000EN

 DOT Approved for Screening and Confirmatory Testing

 NO UNPROVEN TECHNOLOGY                                                          

 Superior infrared accuracy

Judicially recognized Ideal for high volume testing

One-button operation

Automatic self-diagnostic routines

Detects mouth alcohol, acetone and all common interferents

Data communications capability

Intoxilyzer 8000

  DOT Approved for Screening and Confirmatory Testing                   

  All new mobile, light weight, and evidential

  Law-Approved infrared spectrometry alcohol analysis

  Easy single button operation

  Uses both 3 and 9 micron technology

  Fully mobile or stationary use with rugged ABS case



                                    S-D5 the new choice for fast, reliable handheld testing                   

     DOT Approved for Alcohol Screening Tests

     Automatic sampling makes using it a snap

     Last test recall makes for no worries

     Its easy-to-read LED readout makes night-time use easy

     The S-D5 is ready to use in many testing situations

                                    Widely used by schools, corporations, and law enforcement

For Additional Information: contact@OccuHealthSolutions.com 


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